TWB 12/12 Thermoziehen

Forum Wissenschaft
Quelle: TWB Forum Wissenschaft

Umformen von Faserverbunden durch kombiniertes Thermoformen und Ziehen

The demand for products that are made of renewable resources is increasing constantly. But materials with little or no plastic components are very limited in the geometrical forming spectrum (e.g. folding, pressing). Based on research on multidimensional forming of carton boards at the University of Dresden, there are new possibilities for forming natural fi ber based materials. Further improvement of the geometrical spectrum is expected using natural fi ber compounds with polymer components and a combination of deep drawing and thermoforming. This project studied the feasibility, process and the tool design for future investigations and showed
promising approaches for realizing the technology.

Keywords: Thermoforming, drawing, natural fiber compound, plastic, blow molding

Schlagworte: Thermoformen, Ziehen, Naturfaserverbund, Kunststoff, Blasformen

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