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Die Technisch wissenschaftliche Beilage (TWB) der VerpackungsRundschau richtet sich an die Leserschaft der Verpackungspraxis.

Im Fokus steht die Verbindung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung mit neuen Anwendungen in der Praxis mit allen Themenbereichen der Verpackung und Verpackungstechnik.

Manuskripte, Kommentare und Anfragen zur TWB können Sie gerne unter der folgenden Email-Adresse einsenden an Isabel Muranyi:

Aktuelle Beiträge

TWB 05/2017 focus interpack

Does recycled packaging contaminate fast foods?

Packaging materials can contain  MOSH and MOAH concentrations due  to the use of mineral oil in printing  inks and recyclates. As MOAH mehr

TWB 04/2017

Confinement Odour

Confinement odour in vacuum-packed  red meat was investigated using a  comprehensive chemo-sensory-analytical  approach. Experiments mehr

TWB 02/2017

Invisible set-off of UV-printing inks onto polyolefins

Set-off of printing ink components from the ink to the food contact layer needs to be considered for food regulatory evaluations. In an experimental mehr

TWB 12/2016

Lagerzeitabhängige Sauerstoffdurchlässigkeit von Molkenproteinisolat-basierten Beschichtungen

This study investigated the time-dependent changes of molecular interactions in whey protein isolate based coatings by protein solubility tests and mehr

TWB 10/2016

Non-intentionally added substances in PET bottles

Determination of Non-Intentionally Added Substances (NIAS) and evaluation thereof in food packaging materials are challenging. Non-target analytical mehr

TWB 08/2016

Lichtschutzwirkung von Verpackungsmaterialien

A meat component model was developed to determine the effectiveness of UV-absorber in packaging films for fresh meat. Since meat is an inhomogenously mehr

TWB 06/2016

Wasserdampfpermeation durch Hochbarrierefolien

A common approach for the encapsulation of flexible electronic devices is to use high-barrier films with a low water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) to mehr

TWB 04/2016

Hochdruckbehandelte Tray-Verpackungen

A Raman spectroscopic study of high pressure treated packages with modified atmosphere showed the influence of high pressure processing under modified mehr

TWB 02/2016

Rezyklierbarkeit von PP mit Sauerstoff-Absorbern

An often used oxygen scavenger is a blend of iron powder and additives dispersed in a polypropylene carrier matrix. Not much is known about the mehr

TWB 12/2015

Flüchtige Verderbsmarker bei MAP-Hähnchen

Meat spoilage is characterised by the generation and release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), many of which are odorous and elicit a disagreeable mehr

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