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Die Technisch wissenschaftliche Beilage (TWB) der VerpackungsRundschau richtet sich an die Leserschaft der Verpackungspraxis.

Im Fokus steht die Verbindung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung mit neuen Anwendungen in der Praxis mit allen Themenbereichen der Verpackung und Verpackungstechnik.

Manuskripte, Kommentare und Anfragen zur TWB können Sie gerne unter der folgenden Email-Adresse einsenden an Isabel Muranyi:

Aktuelle Beiträge

TWB 10/2015

Modellgestützte Verpackungsentwicklung

Determining the shelf life of packed food products is a time-consuming and costly task due to extensive storage testing. “Shelf life models mehr

TWB 08/2015

Oberflächenentkeimung durch Xenon-Blitzlicht

The application of Xenon Flash lamps is an innovative chemical-free and non-thermal technology for the rapid sterilization of packaging material. mehr

TWB 06/2015

Einfluss von Weichmachern auf Alginat-Filme

Many applications of polysaccharide coatings are limited due to the low flexibility of such films. But there are possibilities to improve this mehr

TWB 04/2015

Functional barriers towards mineral oil contaminants

Migration of mineral oil components from cardboard packaging into food is an issue which is sought to be prevented by incorporating barrier materials mehr

TWB 02/2015

Gießfolien aus Jatropha-Protein

The oil of Jatropha curcas seeds is used for biodiesel production. However, the residue from oil extraction (the Jatropha meal) is not adequately mehr

TWB 10/2014

Lag times of hydrocarbons through a PET film

Although PET is a promising barrier material, knowledge about lag times does not exist until now. As this knowledge is essential for the evaluation of mehr

TWB 08/2014

Polyamide – more than just a medium Oxygen barrier

Contamination of dry food by mineral oil residues from card board is a known and well investigated topic. Implementation of functional barriers into mehr

TWB 06/2014

Mineralölverbindungen in Papierverpackungen

Paper based food packaging can contain mineral oil caused by mineral oil based printing inks or contaminated recyclates. As mineral oil aromatic mehr

TWB 04/2014

PET-Flaschen mit aktiver Barriere

Bottles made of mixtures from PET and an oxygen scavenger additive have a lower oxygen permeability than bottles made of PET alone. For the mehr

TWB 02/2014

Migration von Nanopartikeln

Nanotechnology promises benefits for the application in food packaging plastics, but a general concern about food safety can be recognised. Since the mehr

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