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Die Technisch wissenschaftliche Beilage (TWB) der VerpackungsRundschau richtet sich an die Leserschaft der Verpackungspraxis.

Im Fokus steht die Verbindung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung mit neuen Anwendungen in der Praxis mit allen Themenbereichen der Verpackung und Verpackungstechnik.

Manuskripte, Kommentare und Anfragen zur TWB können Sie gerne unter der folgenden Email-Adresse einsenden an Isabel Muranyi:

Aktuelle Beiträge

TWB 12/2013

NIAS in PET bottles and closures

Non-intentionally added substances in PET bottles and closuresIn this study the occurrence of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) in mehr

TWB 10/2013

Model-based Fault Localization in Bottling Plants

Bottling of beverages is carried out in complex plants. To realize an efficient bottling process and high quality products downtimes have to be mehr

TWB 08/2013

Strömungsoptimiertes Thermoformen

In this study a thermoforming test series combining different nozzle geometries and different forming pressures was performed. A PS-composite film was mehr

TWB 06/2013

Fettdichte Verpackung als Kontaminationsquelle

Coatings of side-chain fluorinated phosphate esters and polymers on nonstick food contact materials could contain perfluorinated acids (PFAA) and mehr

TWB 04/2013


With regard to prevent quality loss during storage, especially the barrier properties of packaging material against gases and water vapour are of mehr

TWB 02/2013

PLA versus PET bottles

In this study the sorption and migration behavior of selected organic substances in PLA bottles in comparison to PET bottles was investigated via the mehr

TWB 12/2012a

Neue Konzepte für die Siegelung zu Polyester

This article gives an outline of a new resin concept to provide high quality seal properties when sealing to PET-A or to itself for barrier food mehr

TWB 12/2012b


The demand for products that are made of renewable resources is increasing constantly. But materials with little or no plastic components are very mehr

TWB 10/2012

Mechanische Kunststoffprüfungen

Systematic utilisation of mechanical testing procedures of multilayer polymerfilm systems in material development and quality control processes allows mehr

TWB 08/2012

Kumulative Sauerstoffpermeationsmessung

Within this study a new oxygen transmission measuring cell based on a chemical optical sensor with a detection limit of 0.5 ppm v/v has been developed mehr

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