17. July 2019 | Recycling

Germans like sustainability when shopping online

According to a YouGov survey commissioned by Trusted Shops, 60 percent of Germans appreciate ecological and social sustainability aspects when shopping on the WWW. One out of five responded that they would be willing to pay more for this. And only 29 percent stated that they do not pay any attention to this factor when shopping online.

It can cost 5 percent more

This attitude is reflected when it comes to shipping, among others. If a seller gave its customers the option to select from conventional shipping or a more sustainable method, 86 percent of Germans would pick the more environmentally compatible variant. However, two thirds would base this on price; they would only pick the latter shipping option if they did not incur any additional costs.

The survey showed that one out of 5 Germans would, however, put up with a higher purchase price for sustainable shipping. Most of these (66 percent) would think an additional cost of 5 percent justified.

Is there a lack of alternatives?

In addition, the market researchers found out that almost all Germans (94 percent) think that generating a low amount of packaging waste is important, with 73 percent actually having taken this aspect into account when last ordering online. 93 percent stated that they appreciated environmentally compatible packaging, but only 68 percent made this aspect part of their decision when they last shopped. Consequently, there are about 20 to 25 percent among Germans for whom packaging is important when shopping online, but who do not act accordingly.

As a reason for this, more than one in four stated that there were not enough choices, and no fitting alternatives. About just as many Germans were not able to find any information on the seller's sustainability aspects. More than one in four found the available alternatives too expensive.

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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