16. October 2018 | Packaging materials & packs

Trexel: New kind of dosing for packaging

The P-300 SCF dosing unit has its European premiere at Fakuma
Source: Trexel

Until the end of this week, German company Trexel will be showcasing its developments for physical foaming for thin-walled packaging and more at the Fakuma trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany. For the first time in Europe, the manufacturer will be presenting its new MuCell P Series gas dosing units where the dosing control system is adapted for the short plasticizing times. Paired with suitable injection units, the system reportedly achieves consistent, high-precision dosing, together with a long-term stable and repeatable process.

20 percent lower weight

It’s not only in technical applications that foamed plastic components offer benefits, in the packaging industry too, foam injection molding offers huge potential for savings. Benefits include weight savings resulting from the lower densities; down three to six percent in packaging applications. Even more important are smoother flow behavior, lower cavity pressures in the mold and reduced clamping force requirements. This means packaging components can be thinner walled or even designed with a thicker sealing edge at the flow-path end, according to the company. Potential savings are said to run to 20 percent lower weight, 15 percent reduced cavity pressure and 30 percent lower clamping force.

TecoCell expands MuCell

Already widely known for its MuCell physical foaming technology, the company is now expanding its range to chemical foaming. With this, the company, by its own account, is the first manufacturer to offer both chemical and physical foaming solutions complete from a single-source supplier. This product range puts the company in a position to help customers choose which applications, given their particular circumstances, are best suited to chemical foaming and which to MuCell, or even to a combination of the two processes. The patented TecoCell chemistry is said to be superior to traditional foaming agents. Utilizing only CaCO3 nano particles of 0.08 microns or less, TecoCell reportedly produces uniform cell structures evenly distributed throughout the molded part.

Fakuma; 16 to 20 October 2018; Friedrichshafen; Germany: Hall A4, Stand 4007

edited by Christiane Lingrön

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